2024 Dacia Bigster

2024 Dacia Bigster .

The Bigster Concept is manufactured according to environmentally friendly principles. The outer protectors, for example, are made exclusively from recycled plastics. Dacia has dispensed with chrome ornaments or aluminum imitations. As the future flagship of the Dacia product range based on the CMF-B platform, the model can be equipped with various drives. This is how the brand keeps up with changing regulations and customer expectations.

In its strategic orientation up to 2025, Dacia continues to rely on a clear, cost-disciplined “design-to-cost” approach in product development. Additional synergies can be created with the creation of the Dacia-Lada business unit under the umbrella of the Renault Group or the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. In the future, Dacia and Lada will increasingly use the alliance’s new, highly flexible CMF-B platform and reduce the number of vehicle platforms from four to one and the number of body types from 18 to eleven.

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