Headlight Restoration with Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Video Demo – Pep Boys

Lead chemist, Craig Burnett from Mothers Polishes and Waxes, demonstrates in this video how to properly use the Headlight Restoration with PowerBall 4Lights kit in order to effectively and safely clean your vehicle’s headlights. Car’s headlights are subjected to a variety of contaminants that can oxidize by turning yellow and cloudy. Not only unsightly, but more importantly it can cause a serious safety concern for limited light visibility at night.

One headlight can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars and this restoration kit used with routine maintenance is recommended to help preserve and protect those lenses. Simply mask the painted surface around the headlight and attach the PowerBall 4Lights to any variable speed power drill. Apply cleaning polishing product on high speed in a slow back and forth motion until all surfaces have overlapped. Buff the lens by angling the PowerBall in a full sweeping motion. Finish with a scratch-free microfiber towel. You can find Mothers PowerBall 4Lights at your neighborhood Pep Boys where our friendly staff will be happy to demonstrate how to use it.