New 2022 Honda Civic Type R on the way to the Nürburgring

The Japanese firm has shown its most radical compact in camouflage, which will start rolling at the Nürburgring to prove itself.

Honda Civic Type R 2022

The Honda Civic Type R is one of the most radical models on the market and, without a doubt, a dream for anyone who loves Japanese sportsmanship. That is why the brand will not leave its faithful orphans and will launch this version together with its tenth generation of its compact. A car that will be, if intuition does not fail us, pure gasoline, despite the fact that the more mundane versions will succumb to electrification.

To celebrate the return of this long-awaited model, Honda has published two photographs of the car, although with enough camouflage so that we still do not fully see their final forms. What we can clearly see is that the Honda Civic Type R will not give up having a powerful spoiler at the rear, although it is true that this seems thinner than the one that the previous generation had.

Regarding the official photos of the conventional Honda CivicWe did see some interesting changes, such as more muscularity thanks to more powerful bumpers and apron. In addition, the ground clearance seems somewhat lower to make this car have a better cornering and gain in terms of aerodynamic resistance.

Honda Civic Type R 2022

Specific rims promise to round out a set that will also boast an excellent sound, thanks to its triple exhaust outlet in the center of its rear bumper.

This radical exterior will be accompanied by a ‘racing’ style interior that promises to be as exclusive as the one that the previous generation had, although Honda has not yet given us a single detail about it. We understand that as the months go by, we will begin to see more and more details of this Honda Civic Type-R.

We say months because the Honda Civic Type-R will begin production throughout the year 2022, Although the Japanese firm has not yet confirmed in which season it will be its official launch. We will have to wait for Honda to reveal more and more details of its most radical compact.