Coming of Age | EP. 133 | Returning to Smile Radio and overcoming the alcoholism of Bobby Nimit Lakshmipong

who saw this man In one era, it had to be called him. Khun Ruj – Phi Ruj – Aunt Ruj of Sawasdee Thaweesuk condo from the sitcom soulmate wants to know who But if you go back in time, you will find that this multi-personality character is not the first time for Bobby-Nimit Lakshmipong because when he was hosting a radio program at Smile Radio The popular wave of teenagers in the 90’s, DJ Bobby used to be widely known for his style in organizing many unique personalities, and also used to have the courage to host events across camps. And trying to imitate the employer’s voice, his stories still go on in many circles Both voice actors, radio commercial spots, commercial shoots, until the actors in front of the camera. And he also revealed the shocking story that he was suffering from alcoholism (Alcoholism) to the point of being seriously ill. Had to stop everything for 2 years until having severe depression and work life Before today, he will return as a DJ of Smile Radio FM 98 again with the atmosphere of hosting the program that everyone misses. but before listening to the host Come hear his full story in Coming of Age Moderator: Songklod Bangyikhan #SmileRadio #ComingofAge #TheCloud #readthecloud #ListentoTheCloud #TheCloudPodcast Subscribe The Cloud Podcast on Spotify :
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