Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery #10 Brimstone in the Sinner’s Refuge 🌴 Lets Play English

A new era of Conan Exiles begins with Age of Sorcery! Uncover dark secrets and reap the rewards! Sacrifice your life force to gain a wide array of corrupted spells. Soar through the skies on your very own bat, summon demons with blood sacrifices, raise the dead, unleash storms, and more! With the Age of Sorcery update, you could specialize your character more than ever, choosing between two powerful perks at every other attribute milestone. If you choose the dark path of magic, you can increase your strength, vitality and authority with corruption. Investing enough Corruption Points into a Perk Milestone will replace it with a special Sorcery Perk. After Conan himself cuts you off the corpse tree and saves your life, you must quickly learn to survive. Brave deadly sandstorms, protect yourself from extreme temperatures, and hunt animals for food and resources. Explore a vast and seamless world – from the sweltering desert of the south to the snow-capped peaks of the north. Gather resources to craft weapons and tools, and build anything from a humble hut to entire cities with the incredibly powerful building system. Place traps, elevators, and defenses before outfitting your structures with furniture, workshops, and more. Journey through a vast and seamless open world, from the dunes of the southern desert to the mysterious swamps of the east and the snowy peaks of the frigid north. Climb anywhere and experience total freedom in all your ventures. #conanexiles Conan Exiles English Lets Play Gameplay Age of Sorcery Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery on Steam:

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