iOS 16 is SO OVER to be the debut OS for iPhone 14 – Save us, iOS 16.1!

iOS 16 is the operating system that comes with the iPhone 14 series with many interface changes. I thought the official version that came with the iPhone 14 would be stable, but they still encountered some annoying bugs for users. So what are those bugs and should we wait for iOS 16.1 or not? Get information about iPhone 14 at:

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______________________________ Performing Cinematography | Post-production: Linh Tran Led | Reviewer: @Tuan Ngoc here! Content: @Tuan Ngoc here! ______________________________ Tags: smartphone review,relab, Tuan Ngoc, phone review, smartphone review, phone review, technology, honest, windy, laptop review,iOS16,iOS 16 beta,iOS 16 official, table error keys on iPhone, keyboard error on iOS 16, iPhone keyboard error, iOS 16 error, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Max,iPhone 14 series, iOS 16 official error many, should update to iOS 16 ________________________________________ Menu 00:00 Intro 00:40 iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 using iOS 16 01:00 iPhone 14 at XT Mobile 01:41 iOS 16 still has a lot of bugs 02:13 Keyboard error still not fixed 03:31 Library error image 04:56 Improved battery life 06:16 We still shouldn’t be on iOS 16.0 right now 06:56 Outro ________________________________________ ReLab is a media channel for in-depth evaluation of technology products, providing an objective view. and accurate, making it easier for you to make a choice before deciding to buy. Don’t forget to click LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and CLICK the BELL to not miss any videos. ✌ 📧 Email for cooperation: [email protected] 📧 Contact for work: [email protected] © Copyright by NAVI MEDIA & RELAB. © Copyright by NAVI MEDIA & RELAB. Please do not Re-up. #iOS16 #iOSBeta #iPhone14 #ReLab