Potatoes with Mexican chorizo, a very easy recipe for potatoes with chorizo

Potatoes with Mexican chorizo, a very easy recipe for potatoes with chorizo ​​to fill tacos, cakes, quesadillas, etc. also with a cheese cover that elevates the flavor of this dish. ⏩You can subscribe to my channel Here, IT’S FREE:
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⏩ Ingredients for potatoes with chorizo: 500 gr of raw potatoes (3 large pcs). 250 gr of Chorizo ​​or sausage. 1/2 medium onion. 1 Jalapeno Chile. 2 small tomatoes Salt and pepper to taste. Quesillo. ⏩ Tips and Recommendations: 1. Fry the potatoes for approximately 15 min at medium low light and mixing from time to time so they cook evenly. 2. You can cover with quesillo like I did or leave them uncovered to use them as a memelita filling and add the quesillo later. ⏩Amazon Affiliate Links: Kitchen Scale https://amzn.to/33wDgSI
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