TWP deck stain maintenance coat

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After 2-3 years of wear on this deck we applied a cleaner, pressure washed and applied two coats of TWP deck stain. TWP was originally applied 3 years ago making it possible to re-apply this stain without removing the old stain using our stripping chemical.

Our typical restoration process includes applying stripper, conditioner and light sanding. We then wait several days for the deck to dry before applying a deck stain.

For maintenance coats, TWP does not need to be removed after its first cycle. We recommend a full restore after the first maintenance coat has run its course and worn off to achieve a more uniform look.

Most products on the market will need to be completely removed through stripping and sanding in order to achieve a uniform appearance after a maintenance coat. We have found that TWP has a lower cost of maintenance because this is not the case.

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