Overview of Vanity VAZ LADA PRIORA 21170 #shorts

FULL VIDEO WATCH ON THE CHANNEL ATTENTION! In this video, the use of abnormal vocabulary, as well as scenes of violence, is possible. This video may hurt your feelings about the ethics and norms of your life, so turn this video off or don’t complain later! Your attention is a vanity car, it is also a prior – vaz 21170, an informative and business review of this car, you will learn a lot of new things from this video not only about the car, but also in life in general, keep an eye on the oil level. But I hasten to inform you that the prior from this review is absolutely default, it has no repeaters on the mirrors, the cylinder head is not bored out for a faster start, and even, even the hydraulic compensator does not knock. There is also no evil boyish farting-burping exhaust. But there is a power steering and a cardan shaft. In this video review, the unarmed forces of Armenia were involved in the form of a cameraman who, for the first time in his life, held a camera in his hands and did not know which side it was filming from. What can we say about this car – it so happened that the model, codenamed Prior, has become the most popular model from AvtoVAZ, especially among young people, they are especially fond of tuning, putting wheels, ala-amg body kits and other urban nonsense, whatever at least then these young people were able to attract the attention of passers-by, as well as the owners are trying with all their might to capture the attention of the traffic police, in short, this car will be described in more detail in the video, I’m tired of writing a description of #avtovaztogliatti#priora2#ladavesta