New owners "Opel" share plans for the future

General Motors, after long hesitation, gave preference to the Russian-Canadian consortium Magna-Sberbank. He will be sold a large part of the shares of the German car company “Opel”. Let’s remind that earlier the American concern… Read more

Ford Ecoboost Animation

Sticking with the recent trend of ‘less is more’, Ford has unveiled its new series of EcoBoost 4-cylinder engines at the Frankfurt motor show today.


Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube® advertising campaign spotlights a diverse group of customers who depend on their vehicles. “Father and Daughter” features George and Niki Poptsis of California. “Gospel Singer” features gospel music performers, The Pace Sisters from… Read more

P0171 System too lean Bank 1 99 Mazda Protege fix

Play it safe and get the MAF Cleaner spray from CRC on Amazon HERE→ P0171 System too lean Bank 1 99 Mazda Protege fix Source… Read more

Pep Boys 500, Atlanta Motor Speedway, 9-6-09

I had never been to a Race before, so a friend and I decided to go check it out. I love anything with a motor, but never thought that a race could be this fun! Video does not do it justice – the noise and vibrations hit you right to your core! Plus, 180+mph is FAST! The only thing that was a bit boring was that there were no big wrecks. 🙁 We hammed it up the whole time and added on a southern accent. People watching has to be one of the best parts of the race, for you literally see it all. The fans are really laid back and just there to have a good time – I didn’t see any sore sports after the race. Go check it out!