Auto Gearbox Jatco JF506E – Solenoids Renewed – Rough Shifting Fixed – V6 Land Rover Freelander

Disclaimer : by watching this video, you agree to not hold the video poster or author liable for anything that may or may not happen as a result. Always work safely. Working on cars is dangerous. This video is not a substitute for expert technical assistance. Please consult technical expertise if unsure. In this video, I renew the 9 solenoids as found in the Jatco JF506E automatic gearbox from the Land Rover KV6 Freelander. The reason: I had hard shifting while in Drive. While in Drive when the auto gearbox went through gears either up shifting or downshifting, gear changes were very rough, it felt like the car was wanting to lurch forward. This also happened when I shifted in to D from either N or P – the car would lurch forward in a very rough way. This was fixed by renewing the solenoids. Note : it’s possible that not all solenoids required renewal to fix this problem, but since the fluid pan had to come off, I thought better to renew all 9 of them anyway. This fixed all problems I had with the hard and rough shifting – the lurching forward when shifting to D gear was also fixed by same. This is the Jatco JF506E gearbox as found in the v6 Land Rover Freelander and some other vehicles. Also please note : there can be other reason/s (aside from solenoids) for hard or rough shifting – please consult an automatic transmission specialist.


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