07 + Suzuki Burgman 400 Front Leg Shield Cover Removal | MicBergsma

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07 + Suzuki Burgman 400 Front Leg Shield Cover Removal | MicBergsma



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blue devil head gasket sealant repairs a blown head gasket

A product called Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealant is added to the radiator and is said to repair head gasket leaks.This product saved me ~2k +.With their money back guarantee I had nothing to lose.Spent some time on Saturday and Sunday doing the work and was driving on Monday.Can’t say it will fix all head gasket issues but i have nothing but accolades for this product.All error codes were cleared.This product does not contain solids as did products from the last century.Go to their website and follow the directions instead of what is on the bottle.What you need to do is remove as much glycol solution as you can,remove the thermostat,fill with water,add the “Blue Devil”,cap the radiator and circulate for 50 minutes.This solution will flash when it hits the hot spot(bad gasket)leaving sodium silicate behind.In theory this is a permanent repair.
We shall see.
Update:3/20/10 After ~1100 miles it is still holding.Oil is clear with no coolant and there is no coolant loss.
Update#2: 12/3/10 There is now 4k on the motor since adding BD.Just did the second oil change.Added about 1/2 pint of coolant .Ready for winter.Still going strong.No smoke or coolant loss issues.
Update #3: 3/14/11,85,000 miles,7,000 miles since “the” repair. The past week resulted in coolant getting into the cylinders.There was no coolant in the oil and the expansion tank was not bubbling.The vehicle was not smoking like the last time,just a light vapor and coolant dripping from the weep hole on the muffler.
Added a bottle of BD and yes it worked again.Anyone want to buy a truck ?