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car quiz

car logo quiz

Guess the car logo by looking at it’s picture.


0:00 Intro
0:05 Q1
0:20 Q2
0:33 Q3
0:48 Q4
1:02 Q5
1:17 Q6
1:32 Q7
1:46 Q8
2:00 Q9
2:15 Q10
2:30 The End

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Guess the car brand

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Chevrolet Cruze (2016+) – Replace Cabin Air Filter

Do this at your own risk
I will not be held liable for anyone/anything

I am replacing the cabin air filter in the 2017 Chevy Cruze.

Intro, Warning, Things Needed: (00:00)
Open the passenger door/move the seat back: (00:21)
Remove side cover: (00:32)
Remove side trim panel: (01:04)
Remove fuse box door: (01:50)
Loosen fuse box cover: (02:04)
Location of the 5 glove box screws: (02:38)
Locate and remove push in rivet: (03:22)
Unscrew the 5 screws: (03:53)
Remove the glove box: (04:18)
Locate and open filter access door: (05:26)
Remove old filter: (05:49)
Vacuum the area: (06:33)
Install NEW filter: (06:47)
Close the filter access door: (07:12)
Put the glove box back in: (07:34)
Screw in the 5 screws: (08:36)
Put the rivet back in: (09:22)
Put the fuse box cover back in: (09:46)
Put the fuse box door back in: (10:18)
Put the side trim panel back on: (10:38)
Put the side cover back on: (11:24)
End: (11:55)


DEADLY BANK ROBBERY LEADS TO SHOOTING | Firestone Homeland Security Patrol Episode #1

We respond to a call about a Bank Robbery which turns into an ambush and multiple shootings. We then respond to a hostage situation that occurs at car dealer and we assist SCSO with a perimeter keeping the scene secure. We then take on a pursuit with wanted suspects who are armed.

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Roblox Profile Link:
Stapleton County:
State of Firestone:!/about

What is Stapleton County? Stapleton County is the main game that is inside the State of Firestone. Firestone is a roleplaying group on Roblox which consists of many things to do in the game. You can be a cop, firefighter, DOT employee, etc. For more information, check out the group above.

Declassified by Secretary colorful_parrots.


RHR XL Tonneau Cover Features – Red Headed Rebel

Fast review of the features of the fast action XL soft roll-up truck bed cover from the Red Headed Rebel. This best selling tonneau is built to last and made in the USA. Learn more at

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